How will passenger transportation to orbit work ...

  • Brand-wise? Familiar names.
  • In terms of business development? Prime contractors, joint ventures, and technology transfer providers.
  • In terms of compliance? The FAA has an Office of Commercial Space Transportation.
  • In terms of design? The safest configuration for passenger spacecraft.
  • Demographically? Most people who want to go are in Asia. The highest interest in space is in the poorest countries. People in rich countries seem to be less interested in going to space.
  • Financially? Farsighted investors, long-term investors and patient investors will provide the pre-seed funds to launch the most innovative companies.
  • In terms of human resources? All skills are needed but only those interested in going to space will actually go.
  • Operationally? Regularly scheduled flights under all conditions: rain, wind and orbital debris.
  • In terms of privacy? One reason people want space travel is to recover the privacy which air travel has taken away.
  • In terms of reputation? Safety is everything.
  • In terms of risk? Safety is everything.
  • In terms of security? Safety is everything. (Almost by definition, the details are not a subject for open discussion.)

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