Standard/Basic business plan for space hotel entrepreneurs is FREE.

Add-ons are priced individually.

Add-ons are solutions to these problems:

  • How to approach private equity firms
  • How to approach commercial banks
  • How to approach investment banks
  • How to approach venture capital
  • How to approach hedge funds
  • How to approach mutual funds
  • How to get title/deed to real estate in the legal regime of space
  • How to function as a real estate developer on other worlds
  • How to design single family homes out there
  • How to design resorts out there
  • Finding other space hotel entrepreneurs for partnerships or joint ventures
  • No hotel guests
  • No anchor tenants
  • No fire department
  • No restaurants out there
  • General risks
  • No suppliers out there
  • Maintenance
  • Repair of damage from space junk and micro-meteoroids
  • Radiation spikes (solar storms and extra-solar cosmic rays)
  • Kessler Syndrome
  • Emergencies
  • ITAR
  • No retail shops out there
  • No offices for businesses to rent
  • No schools out there for the children
  • Nothing for tourists to do once they get to orbit or the moon
  • Transportation infrequent
  • No banks out there
  • No public art out there
  • No social services

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